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Lighting solutions

We know that lighting forms an integral part of your growing setup, and accordingly we offer the best lighting products, and work with the best specialist lighting companies to provide you with the most reliable and effective lighting solutions for your business.

Watch your business grow with the help of horticultural LED lighting. 
 The more you know, the better and faster you can respond to changing circumstances, optimising operations and preventing unnecessary loss. Horticultural LED technologies can provide growers with all key ingredients to realise their recipes for growth.  
Finding the right light recipe for your crops 
Horticultural LED lighting means you can control many aspects of crop growth and in turn get better results, whether you’re producing nutritious fruits and vegetables, outstanding flowers or fragrant herbs from your greenhouse - there is a solution to help you create the perfect growing environment and increase the quality and quantity of your crops. LED lighting gives you better control over your climate and crop, so you can achieve high quality and yield at the right time, be it year-round or at peak moments. The right light and growth recipe will help you fine-tune size, smell, taste, nutritional value compactness, etc. to grow exactly the quality that your customer demands. 
Get better control of your growing climate 
When crops receive the right lighting recipe it offers significantly improved growth, higher levels of early production and better-quality yields. Horticulture LED technologies can provide growers with the key ingredients required to create the perfect growing environment. Whether you are looking to improve the overall propagation of plants or to improve growth rates, boost produce flavour and nutritional value or enhance shelf life, with our team of in-house specialists we can find a solution to any grower issue and understand that for your business to grow, you need the right support and solutions to succeed. Growers are demanding more from the technology available, their customers want fresh produce and crops all year round, in and out of season and thankfully with the use of horticultural LED lighting this is a possibility, with the ever-evolving science that goes into this technology growers can ensure that their crops are a cut above the rest.  
Use horticultural technology to your advantage 
Fargro understands the challenges growers face and that each plant requires different lighting requirements, we can work with you to find the best solution to those requirements by being able to provide the best products tailored to the needs of the grower and their crops. Technology presents solutions that can prevent and/or reduce the impact of sudden stress events. In addition to this, technologies such as LEDs from Signify lighting can help produce stronger more even growth. This will make the crop better placed to cope with and respond to stressful events.  
Fargro and the experts at Signify can work alongside you to understand the outcomes you desire to create a custom lighting plan with specific spectra tailored to the plant needs. Ensuring that a plant receives the optimum amount and quality of light will ensure energy from the light-dependent reaction of photosynthesis is readily available for internal processes such as responding to stresses. This is the most fundamental building block of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme, setting a firm foundation through a healthy plant. 
Get in touch with one of our experts to find out how we can help your business to grow today.

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