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Crop data

Having reliable and useful data on hand to inform your decisions on how best to manage your crop can make a crucial difference to your business. Fargro provides growers and horticulture businesses with the technology and equipment, and the expertise needed to gain these all important insights.

Crop Data - Crop health – “You can only manage what you can measure”
The more you know, the better you can respond to changing circumstances, optimising operations and preventing unnecessary loss.  

From cultivation to storage, processing and transport, 30MHz makes it easy for growers to turn data on their crops and environments into better decisions, improving and increasing yield, while reducing costs.  

Ensure you are optimising your strategies and producing crops of the highest quality with properly collected and managed crop data. 
Data creates information that leads to insights that can be actioned in your business to put your crops a cut above the rest. Proper data collection, centralisation and visualisation allows growers to better understand their crops needs and their growing environment, with a better understanding comes the ability to action better changes to optimise processes.   

Collecting data specific to your situation.
Digitising data collection to collect more data that is more representative of crop level conditions can seem like an overwhelming task. However, Fargro working with 30MHz believe in working alongside growers to understand how data could benefit them and then working with them going forward to ensure they are getting value from their systems. 

30MHz offer a remote sensor system that allows growers to measure the environmental conditions in the crop across their site. The data is sent from the sensors to the cloud via a gateway where other data sets such as crop development or pest and disease data can be viewed and presented in easy-to-understand real-time displays that help a grower to make better decisions on a day-to-day basis. The system is modular and scales to fit any size of horticultural business meaning growers of all size can benefit from the cutting-edge technology. 

How can data help day-to-day decision making?
One of the most common areas we see growers use data to their advantage is within their integrated pest management programmes. Inputs such as microbiological controls and biopesticides tend to be based on living organisms and as such require specific environmental conditions to work effectively. By better monitoring, these conditions, visualising them in real-time and setting automatic alerts for key thresholds growers can be certain they are using the right product at the right time to maximise efficacy. 

Growers also use the 30MHz system to better manage their irrigation strategies. Using moisture sensors growers can better understand how they can optimise their use of water. Volumetric water content can be used to identify areas that are sitting wet and could be potential infection points for disease and/or at what pace water is being lost by evapotranspiration to better manage an irrigation strategy. 


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