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Helping you to grow your way thanks to our partnerships with UK’s leading horticultural suppliers, from benching and polytunnels to LED lighting and irrigation design. Let us assist you in finding the perfect solution to your growing requirements.

We offer a wide range of bespoke polytunnels available in various widths and configurations to suit your growing environment. 

Polytunnel covers
We also offer a wide range of tunnel covers to suit your requirements. Fargro is a distributor of XL Horticulture and Visqueen tunnel covers, so you can ensure you are investing in high quality, professional products for your business.

Northern Polytunnels are the largest manufacturer of polythene and PVC clad structures in the UK. Offering complete growing solutions including water collection & storage, heating, ventilation, air circulation fans, irrigation, dehumidification machines, polytunnel twin-skinning kits, along with various types of polythene, netting, and other horticultural fabrics.
Cambridge HOK 
CambridgeHOK is a forward-thinking, dynamic engineering, energy and construction company that specialises in the design and development of commercial glasshouses and automated vertical farming centres. 

CambridgeHOK consistently delivers energy-efficient innovations across the UK, bringing cost savings in excess of 25% through innovative combined heat and power systems. 
Whether glass, polycarbonate, impact-resistant or insulated claddings, all glasshouses are produced at CambridgeHOK in full accordance with relevant regulations.

LED lighting gives you better control over your climate and crop, so you can achieve high quality and yield at the right time, be it year-round or at peak moments. The right light and growth recipe will help you fine-tune size, smell, taste, nutritional value compactness, etc. to grow exactly the quality that your customer demands. And with the addition of LED lighting from Signify, you will be able to achieve a higher yield than with any other lighting solution being it natural daylight, fluorescent lighting or HPS lighting.   
Horticultural LED technologies can provide growers with all key ingredients to realise their recipes for growth. With more than 80 years of horticultural lighting experience, Philips Signify is the largest provider of science-based lighting recipes that help to boost yield and plant performance. Here at Fargro, we are official partners of Signify innovative greenhouse lighting application systems. 

Ridder's goal has been to develop solutions that can enable horticultural businesses and their suppliers to make their projects as successful as possible. Together with a global network of partners, Ridder provides complete system solutions to create the right growing environment. Their perfectly matched solutions give you control so that you can achieve the perfect balance between greenhouse climate and energy with the use of climate screen and drive systems, as well as cost-effective and sustainable water management technology solutions.  
Ridder can provide a tailor-made solution to every greenhouse project, resulting in the perfect solution for the regulation of moisture within crops, which in turn provides a better uptake of nutrients and results in higher crop yields and revenue.
Platipus Anchoring Systems
The Platipus S4 and S6 anchoring systems are ideal for vineyard trellising, tree planting and windbreak supports. Both systems will match the design life of most trellising and supports and have an ultimate holding capacity of up to 1000kg, depending on soil conditions.  
The unique anchor design makes installation into the hardest chalk easy, allowing over 300 anchors to be installed in one day when using the correct equipment.

Heating Systems

Fargro provides heating and ventilation solutions with products from RiteAir, specialists in horticultural frost protection, heating, CO2 enrichment, air circulation, and fan and temperature control. Their range represents the widest choice of British-built products. 
Hotbox Thermabeds 
Hotbox Thermabed is a water-based system for root zone heating. Made to measure and designed to encourage germination and propagation. Thermabed is ideal for areas of 50m² or larger bench heating systems.

Northern Polytunnels have a range of potting benches and growing benches, benching is ideal for young plants and ensures you can achieve accurate temperature control and good air circulation to help prevent disease and rot.  Steel benching is long-lasting and maintenance-free. This bench features a mesh top; which will allow air circulation and water drainage and has height adjustable legs, which ensures it can be used on uneven surfaces. 

Horti-Innovations mainly focuses on the development of variants and accessories for Danish trolleys and CC containers. Danish trolleys have been a staple in the horticulture industry for years.  
The biggest strength of the products lies in simplicity; therefore the costs are low and the operational reliability is high. 

Irrigation Design
 Let us help you to design your sprinkler system. Our irrigation specialists will advise and design a sprinkler system for the best uniformity of watering and droplet size for your space and crop type. 
We stock or can supply the following: 
  • Hose pipes 
  • Brass hose fittings and clips 
  • Lances, spray guns and nozzles 
  • Pipes 
  • PVC fittings 
  • Valves 
  • Pressure regulators 
  • Controllers 
  • Drip irrigation 
  • Water storage and tanks 
  • Vineyard irrigation 

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