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Energy services

In a volatile market, energy can be your biggest expenditure, yet you can’t run your business without it. Fargro offers cost-effective, reliable energy services to companies throughout the UK. With over 30 years’ experience, we understand the importance of energy services for the commercial growing sector and how crucial these are to supporting and sustaining your horticultural business.

Fargro offers competitive rates for gas, LPG, electricity, fuel oils/additives/lubricants. There are no arrangement fees, and we can supply energy regardless of the size, volume or capacity your business requires. Turn to us for everything you need for heating, lighting, ventilation and air circulation. 

In some areas, a waiting period of 7-10 days may apply based on your postcode. As always, we recommend pre-planning and ordering now to avoid running out. 

Forward Order Schedules are excellent tools for pre-planning production programmes all year round. Contact the Energy Team for further information.

  • Competitive deals for gas and electricity 
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) via Calor, bought in bulk or cylinders 
  • All grades of fuel and heating oils delivered in a variety of quantities from 500 litres to 36,000 litres via a nationwide network of suppliers 
  • Fuel additives and lubricants, for optimum running of vehicles and machinery 
  • HMRC Fuel Oils, important notice

Find out more

To find out more about our energy services, get in touch at energyteam@fargro.co.uk  or call us on 01903 730 735

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Receive up to £14,000 of Government Grants & fuel savings of £3,295 over 5 years*

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