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Nutrition solutions

Achieving optimum nutrition for your crops is crucial, but not always straightforward. Fargro is proud to support growers with expert advice and the best plant nutrition products in the horticulture industry, from growing media to fertilisers.

Ensure your crop is of the highest quality with properly timed and managed plant nutrition
Plants require nutrients for a range of physiological processes from fuelling new growth to forming part of a plants defence strategy against pests and diseases. A properly constructed nutrition programme and an understanding of the roles of the primary and secondary nutrients will help a crop realise its full potential.   

Creating a tailored programme specific to your crops
With the wide array of crop nutrition inputs available to growers, it can be difficult to know what will work best for your crop. Whether you're growing ornamental crops, vegetables or soft fruit, our in-house FACTS-qualified growing media and fertiliser specialist Sean Whitworth, can work alongside you to create an effective programme utilising the best in fertiliser and plant nutrition technology.

By working alongside your business, we can understand your desired outcomes and the requirements of the crop for the primary and secondary nutrients that could be used to benefit the crop and achieve your goals.

Get better quality and uniformity from your crops
When a plant receives the correct nutrition at the right time, physiological processes can take place efficiently and effectively. With phosphorus working as the backbone component in DNA and RNA to support new growth, genetic information or ATP (adenosine triphosphate) works by carrying energy powering processes in the plant; while nitrogen is critical in the production of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins or potassium necessary for the creation of flowers and fruit.

Ensuring the crop has access to these primary nutrients at the right time in the correct quantity will lead to improved quality and better uniformity across the crop. Growers are under more pressure than ever to meet the high-quality requirements of the consumer while growing sustainably and cost-effectively. Creating a tailored nutrition strategy will give a crop a firm foundation to flourish. 

Use the latest developments in plant nutrition to your advantage
Fargro understands the challenges that growers face to produce a crop of the highest quality while transitioning to more sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices. These changes may stand to impact yield and/or quality but that is not the case with DCM organic fertilisers. DCM has a controlled organic release that delivers nutrition regularly over a defined period of time, to ensure that your crop has access to key nutrients throughout its growing cycle. The unique Minigran technology increases the surface area from which a plant can access nutrition while creating a more even distribution to ensure uniformity. DCM products have been proven to work effectively across a range of UK grown crops improving rooting, uniformity and overall crop quality.  
Fargro can work alongside you so that your crop is receiving the correct nutrients at the right time, ensuring your product is of the highest quality, resilient to stress, pests and diseases.  

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