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DCM has over 45 years of experience in developing, producing, and marketing organic and organic-mineral fertilisers. Sustainability has been considered as one of the important pillars of their corporate philosophy.

DCM constantly search for advanced solutions to boost soil fertility and plant health. They are committed to creating, producing and marketing their products seamlessly aligned with their values.

Minigran® Fertilisers

DCM’s mini-granule, Minigrain®, ensures a uniform and better distribution of the fertiliser or soil improver. Studies have shown that this distribution is 60% more effective, resulting in a better rooting and better plant growth compared to fertilisers in crumble and pellet form.

This makes their unique microgranules perfect for special applications: mixing into a fine substrate, precision fertilisation in horticulture, fertilisation of golf courses and football pitches, private lawns, etc.

In stock Ecor 3 Fertiliser Organic 12-0-3 25kg

Ecor 3 Fertiliser Organic 12-0-3 25kg

£56.02 Ex VAT

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In stock Ecor 5 Fertiliser Organic 8-5-6 25kg

Ecor 5 Fertiliser Organic 8-5-6 25kg

£76.39 Ex VAT

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For more information on our range of peat-free growing media or to place an order, please contact our Technical Team directly on 01903 256 856 or email technical@fargro.co.uk