Promotions - FAQs

Q. Is there an option of requesting for a quote if I don’t want to go with the listed price?
A. If you’ve met our Quotation criteria you will automatically be given the option to request for a quote. Your eligibility to request for a quote usually related to value of each line item (not basket) and quantity you wish to purchase. Once you request for a quote, we will get back to you on whether you can place the order for the requested quote or not.  

Q. What do I do if I’d like to receive gardening updates, newsletter, special advices, weekend gardening tips from Fargro without making a purchase on the website?
A. You can subscribe with us without having to purchase from us. For subscribing with us, you need to visit our website, scroll down completely. You will be an option “Keep up to date”. You need to enter your email address and hit the ‘Go’ button and then you’re subscribed with us.