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  • AQ10

    AQ10 is a biological fungicide for the reduction of powdery mildew on protected crops of aubergine, courgette and summer squash, cucumber, melon, pepper and chilli, strawberry, tomato, winter squ

  • AQ10

    AQ10® New Biopesticide for the control of powdery mildewTraditionally these diseases have been managed with a range of fungicide ingredients with different modes of action in conjunction with en

  • Extensions of Authorisation

    There are a limited number of situations in which a pesticide (and this may be an insecticide, fungicide, plant growth regulator or herbicide) may be used outside the terms of its approved label. Thes

  • Crop Talk Summer 2016

    In this issue you can learn about our new facility and the new staff that have joined the team and read about some great product updates such as:Naturalis-L - An in-depth look at this leading biopesti

  • Crop Talk Spring 2015

    This issue features two new products. Mosskade a 100% natural product for use against Liverwort and voted winner of the "Best Professional Product" at Four Oaks Trade Show 2014, plus BlocCade that pro

  • Crop Talk Spring 2014

    T34 Biocontrol: Robust performance from the UK’s only registered Trichoderma product. (Pages 4 - 5) Met52: The basis for Vine Weevil control in the UK HONS sector. (Page 2 - 3) A

  • Crop Talk Spring 2013

    3 years on and Met52 is going from strength to strength, read growers experiences using this product. Cantelo Nurseries in Somerset tell us why they rely on AQ10 for use in their o

  • Crop Talk Spring 2012

    Articles on: Ongoing developments with MET52. New cutting edge biofungicide T34 hits the marketplace for use on Fusarium oxysporum on Dianthus together with AQ1