Oriline M (Orius majusculus) Bottle of 500 Nymph/Adults

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More commonly known as the minute pirate bug, this voracious predatory bug has a long history of providing effective and reliable thrips control in a range of protected crops, often killing far more than they need to reach maturity.
Adults will attack all stages of thrips on plants, whilst nymphs prefer the larvae. Orius bugs will also feed on aphids, mites, whiteflies and moth eggs.
Orius majusculus performs well on the majority of crops, although establishes better on cucumber.
Width 0.0000 Activity / Control Orius will attack all stages of thrips on plants.
Application Method Ideal to control established thrips populations on a range of plants and can be used alongside other biologicals. Application Rate 0.5 to 1 per m2.
Crop O. majusculus establishes better on cucumber than laevigatus. Height 0.0000
Length 0.0000 Manufacturer BIOLINE
Predominant Colour BLUE Technical Comments Two species of thrips are commonly found on protected crops: Western Flower Thrips (WFT), (Frankliniella occidentalis) and Onion or Tobacco Thrips (Thrips tabaci).
Volume 0.000000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Weight 0.100000