MossKade 5lt

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Code: MOSSK5

Code: MOSSK5
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Mosskade is a 100% natural agent. Can form a protective coating on hard surfaces helping to prevent regrowth of algae, moss or liverwort.
Width 16.0000 Formulation Type Liquid.
Active Ingredient Contains plant derived starch, proteins, oils, lactic acid and water. VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Technical Comments Can form a coating on hard surfaces helping to prevent regrowth of algae moss or liverwort. Crop Landscape situations, container nursery stock production, hard surfaces.
Activity / Control Controls algae, moss, lichen and liverwort. 100% natural agent works by physically coating algae moss or liverwort. Application Rate 1 part to 7-10 parts of water. For most uses 1 part MossKade to 9 parts water is recommended, for example 2 litres MossKade with 18 litres water to give a total spray volume of 20 litres per 100m2.
Application Method Spray. RAC Code None
Predominant Colour WHITE Manufacturer HORTIPRO
Weight 5.650000 Volume 0.000000
Height 24.0000 Length 18.0000