Tec-Bom Insecticide 5lt

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  • A powerful, biodegradable contact action approved professional insecticide based on an exclusive selection of saponified vegetable oils from food grade sources
  • A soft soap, gentle with plants
  • Good activity against whitefly
  • Dissolves the exoskeleton of soft-shelled insects, by altering cell membranes causing death by suffocation and dehydration
  • Leaves no chemical residue
  • Acceptable in organic production (subject to certification body approval)
  • Powerful wetting and cleansing effect
Width 0.0000 Formulation Type Soluble concentrate.
Active Ingredient Potassium salts of fatty acids 41.62% w/v. VolumeUnit (lt or m3) Litres
Technical Comments Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Crop Permanent protection with full enclosure crops of: tomato, aubergine, pepper and chilli.
Activity / Control An approved professional insecticidal soap labelled for the control of whitefly. Application Rate 7 ml/lt. Maximum individual dose of 7 lt/ha.
Application Method Foliar spray. MAPP Number 19547
Weight 0.000000 Volume 0.000000
Height 0.0000 Length 0.0000