Melcourt Sylvamix Growing Medium Hanging Basket 50lt

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Code: MELSHB50

Code: MELSHB50
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A free-flowing, ready-to-use, peat-free growing medium ideal for a wide range of applications where a moisture-retentive mix is required, e.g. hanging baskets, tubs and troughs.
  • Peat-free
  • Contains Melcourt Growbark, Melcourt Sylvafibre and coir
  • Contains the water management aid Celcote
  • Includes balanced fertilisers, sufficient for up to 6 weeks
  • Long-lasting structure which does not slump even after several months
  • Provides excellent air/water ratio
  • Nominal particle size range 0-6mm
Width 43.0000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) Litres
Technical Comments Nominal particle size range: 0-6mm Weight 0.000000
Volume 0.000000 Height 13.0000
Length 63.0000