Braam Paperpot Mix 60-20-20 Plug Tray 84 Cells 35/35

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Code: BRA84

Code: BRA84
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Paperpots are uniform pots with a paper cover, filled with a potting soil mixture suited to cuttings. Paperpots are commonly filled with a mixture of finely sieved peat and fine perlite, but can also be filled with a coco peat/perlite mixture possibly with finely sieved peat added. Paperpots are normally delivered with an EC value of ±0.6 mS/cm and a pH value of ± 5.5. The fertilisation can be adjusted if required. Paperpots are suitable for all types of cuttings and can be planted automatically.

• Different potting soil mixtures possible
• Available in different types of trays
• With different types of degradable paper
• Cutting holes on request
• Good air/water management
• Available with high or low pH
• Available with high or low EC
• Finely sieved peat and perlite
• Mix 60-20-20
Width 30.5000 Height 4.0000
Length 52.5000 Manufacturer VANDERKNAAP
Predominant Colour BLACK Volume 0.000000
VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters Weight 1.087000