SB Plant Invigorator Commercial Strength 1lt

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Double strength professional formulation.
  • SB Plant Invigorator is an environmentally friendly and economical way of controlling a wide range of important pest species including whitefly, aphid, spider mite, mealybug, scale and psyllid. It also helps prevent powdery mildew.
  • For use on edible and ornamental crops.
  • Usable in integrated pest management programmes and compatible with a range of beneficial insects and mites.
Width 9.5000 Active Ingredient A unique blend of plant safe, physical pest control surfactants.
VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters Technical Comments SB Plant Invigorator has a physical mode of action and is not required to be registered as a plant protection product.
Crop Protected and outdoor edible and ornamental crops. Activity / Control A wide range of pests including whitefly, aphid, spider mite, mealybug, hard and soft scale insects and bay sucker psyllids. Can also control powdery mildew. Controls by physical means.
Application Rate 1 ml/lt. Application Method Foliar spray weekly or as necessary according to crop and situation.
Predominant Colour WHITE Manufacturer BROUARD
Weight 1.186000 Volume 0.000000
Height 6.0000 Length 26.0000