Aquamix Wetting Agent Liquid 5lt

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Code: WETL
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Aquamix is a blended non-ionic wetting agent product from the fertil range, especially designed for peat and bark based composts. Water penetration is more effective, offering better growing conditions, reducing the amount of time watering and also the amount of water used. Lasting effect for 6 months and more.
Width 12.5000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Technical Comments For details see Water Storage Additives page 98. Crop Formulated for use in peat and bark based growing substrates.
Activity / Control A blended non-ionic and degradable wetting agent to improve water distribution in growing media. Application Rate Preparing media: incorporate 100-200ml in 2-10lt water/m3 substrate. For media in use without wetting agent use 0.5ml/lt, drenching about 200ml solution per 1lt media, for young plants use 0.5 ml/lt. Other rates on leaflet for continuous feeding, misting
Predominant Colour WHITE Manufacturer FERTIL
Weight 5.260000 Volume 0.000000
Height 31.0000 Length 19.0000