Vitax Q4 Pelleted HN Fertiliser 25kg

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The high nitrogen formulation of Q4, with additional extended release of nutrients, the ideal choice as both base and top dressing for containerised nursery stock and field-grown trees and shrubs.
The nitrogen content is provided from a variety of sources to provide phased release of this nutrient.
Extra iron is recommended for ericaceous plants.

Width 37.0000 Activity / Control Extended release fertiliser for trees and shrubs.
Analysis 10.0-7.5-10.2 +3% MgO + TE Application Rate 70 g/m2 for slow growing species, 140 g/m2 for faster growing species. Top dressing in the second and subsequent years should be 50g/m2 for slow growing species and 105 g/m2 for faster growing. See label for more information.
Crop Field grown tree and shrub stock, as base and top dressing and as a top dressing for container nursery stock. Formulation Type Pellet.
Height 7.0000 Length 75.0000
Manufacturer VITAX Predominant Colour GREEN
Technical Comments Pellets breakdown in the soil releasing the nutrients over a 10-14 week period depending on the soil conditions. Volume 0.000000
VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters Weight 25.130000