Silwet L-77 Adjuvant 1lt

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The super-wetter:
  • Maximum coverage of large target plants.
  • Improved pesticide retention.
  • Faster drying on leaf surface.
  • Increased distribution of soil applied products.
  • Reduced spray volume per ha.
Width 8.0000 Active Ingredient 80% w/w trisiloxane organosilicone coplymers (min) and a maximum of 20% w/w allyloxypolyethylene glycol methyl ether.
Activity / Control An authorised adjuvant for use as an agricultural / horticultural / forestry wetting agent. May be used to reduce spray drift. May be used with liquid fertilisers and trace elements to improve coverage and uptake. Application Rate Rates on label are 0.05% final spray solution for foliar application or 0.1% for soil application but with water volumes in excess of 400 lt/ha 0.025% (25 ml/100 lt). Or consult specialist advisor.
Crop Authorised for use with a named list of edible crops to a specified growth stage. In addition approved for all edible crops provided that the pesticide is not used at more than 50% of the maximum approved rate of use for that application. Formulation Type Soluble concentrate.
Height 8.0000 Length 24.0000
Manufacturer DESANGOSSE Other Registrations Adj No: 0640
PCS Number 00400 Predominant Colour ORANGE
Volume 0.000000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Weight 1.317000