Osmocote Exact Mini Fertiliser 3-4Mo 10kg

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The reliability of Osmocote Exact, but a finer granule ideal for application in pots with small volumes. Osmocote Exact Mini 3-4 months contains a complete package of trace elements & magnesium.
Width 32.0000 Activity / Control 3-4 month controlled release fertiliser developed for applications in small substrate volumes such as pots less than 8cm diameter, plugs and trays with small compartments.
Analysis 15-9-11-2MgO + TE Application Method Can be applied into the growing media or as a top dressing after roots have developed.
Application Rate 1 to 3 g per lt. Or 30-70g/m2 depending on crop and situaiton. Rates based on unfertilised substrates and pH correction would be required in accordance to crop requirements. Height 21.0000
Length 32.0000 Manufacturer ICL
Predominant Colour RED Volume 0.000000
VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters Weight 10.954000