Maxicrop Tomato Fertiliser 10lt

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Tomato Fertiliser is a unique formulation that contains pure seaweed extract with potassium enriched feed which stimulates plant and tomato growth giving better flavour, size and shape of tomatoes as well as helping root establishment and improving resistant to pests.
  • For strong and healthy growth
  • Made from plant extracts and seaweed
  • Ideal for flowering plants
  • No animal products are used
Width 15.5000 Active Ingredient Compound fluid fertiliser in a Maxicrop Seaweed Extract base.
Activity / Control Recommendations for the root feeding of tomatoes, hanging baskets & container pots. The plant growth stimulant properties of Maxicrop Seaweed Extract will enhance natural growth processes, leading to greater rooting and establishment, while producing strong, healthy growth with improved resistance to environmental stress. Analysis 5.1-5.1-6.7
Application Method Root drench. Application Rate 15ml in 4.5 litres water. See label.
Crop Ideal for tomatoes as well as other greenhouse crops as well as flowering plants, especially in hanging baskets and containers. Formulation Type Liquid.
Height 37.0000 Length 23.0000
Manufacturer VALAGRO Predominant Colour RED
Volume 0.000000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Weight 12.000000