H2Gro Wetting Agent Granules 10kg

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Code: H2GRO

Code: H2GRO
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H2Gro is a blend of sufactants with a multi-matrix effect. Due to the molecules having a strong non-polar charge H2Gro attaches itself to organic matter in water repellant particles.  

  • Rates of use: 0.5-1Kg per m3 of substrate
Width 38.0000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Activity / Control A professional growing media additive that allows growing media to be re-wetted. Application Rate Apply 0.25 to 1 kg per cubic metre growing media depending on the longevity and water repellance of the media. As a top dressing apply 20g per m2.
Application Method Can be incorporated into the growing media or applied as a top dress and drenched in. Predominant Colour WHITE
Manufacturer ICL Weight 10.261000
Volume 0.000000 Height 7.0000
Length 50.0000