Chrysoline c (Chrysoperla carnea) Tube of 500 Larvae

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Contains young larvae of predatory lacewing which target a broad spectrum of aphid pest, thus reducing the worry of making an incorrect species identification.
Chrysoline is not suitable for preventive use.
Width 0.0000 Activity / Control Effective at controlling established aphid populations. Also feed on whitefly eggs and scales, thrips larvae, moth eggs, young mealybug nymphs and other small insects.
Application Method Use on established populations of aphids or other pest colonies, ideal for organic crops. Application Rate 10 larvae per 1 m2 repeat after 2-3 weeks.
Height 0.0000 Length 0.0000
Manufacturer BIOLINE Technical Comments Most crops can be infested with aphids. Damage is caused in three ways: sucking plant sap when feeding, excretion of honeydew leading to sooty mould and some species can transmit plant viruses leading to distortion and disfigured plant growth.
Volume 0.000000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Weight 0.023000