Mealybug Parasite Mix (Various) Vial of 50

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Small parasitic wasps Leptomastix dactylopi, and Anagyrus pseudococci lay their eggs inside the mealybug nymphs which continue to develop for a few days before becoming brown and mummified. The parasite emerges through a circular hole in the top.
Width 0.0000 Activity / Control Leptomastix dactylopi controls Planococcus citri (Citrus mealybug).
Application Method Requires temperatures of 18-30°C for development. Application Rate 2 wasps per 1 m2 of infested area.
Height 0.0000 Length 0.0000
Manufacturer WYEBUGS Technical Comments There are no parasites available in the UK for some species such as the long-tailed mealybug Pseudococcus longispinus.
Volume 0.000000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Weight 0.025000