Humax Compost Original 60lt

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Code: COHUO60

Code: COHUO60
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A traditional, high quality, peat based compost ideal for sowing and potting shrubs and vegetables. Can also be used for hanging baskets and containers, pots, tubs, and window boxes, indoor and outdoor plants and landscaping projects.
Please note, this compost is not suitable for lime-hating plants such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Heathers and Camellias. For these you will need an ericaceous compost.
  • Silver Sand to improve the feel and flowability of the growing media
  • H2Gro wetting agent for optimal water conservation
  • Start & Grow, a professional grade starter fertiliser 
  • Nutrimate –  A fantastic 100% natural plant growth stimulant full of fulvic acid
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