Roundup ProVantage Herbicide 5lt

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An approved professional herbicide for providing control of both annual weeds, perennial weeds and broad-leaved weeds.
Width 10.0000 Active Ingredient 480 g/l glyphosate.
Activity / Control An approved professional foliar applied translocated herbicide for control of emerged weeds. Application Method Foliar spray, rotary atomiser, may be applied neat but only through special applicators such as Mankar Ultra low volume herbicide applicators, cut stump, weed wiper, stem injection depending on situation.
Application Rate Variable to crop & weed up to 7.5 ltr/ha. Crop All edible and non-edible crops (destruction, before sowing/planting). Grassland. Natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation; permeable surfaces overlaying soil; hard surfaces. Enclosed waters, open waters, land immediately adjacent to aquatic areas. Forest, forest nursery (weed control, stump application and chemical thinning). Apples, pears; plums, cherries, damsons. Amenity vegetation.
Formulation Type Soluble concentrate. Height 33.0000
Length 23.0000 Manufacturer MONSANTO
MAPP Number 15534 Predominant Colour WHITE
RAC Code HRAC group: G Technical Comments Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Volume 0.000000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Weight 6.622000