Flipper Insecticide/Acaricide 10lt

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Insecticide/acaracide that provides fast acting control of control of whitefly, aphid and two spotted mite.
Width 15.0000 Active Ingredient 479.8 g/l (47.8% w/w) fatty acids C7-C20.
Activity / Control An approved professional contact insecticide labelled for control of whitefly, aphid and two-spotted mite. Application Method Spray.
Application Rate 1 to 1.6 lt/100 lt water; maximum of 16lt product/ha with a maximum concentrate of 1.6lt/100lt water. Crop Tomato, Cucumber Strawberry. (Permanent protection with full enclosure).
Formulation Type Emulsion in water. Harvest Interval No restriction.
Height 38.0000 Length 22.0000
Manufacturer ALPHA01 MAPP Number 19154
PCS Number 05027 Predominant Colour WHITE
Technical Comments Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Volume 0.000000
VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters Weight 10.630000