Flipper Insecticide/Acaricide 10lt

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Insecticide/acaracide that provides fast acting, lasting/persistent control of egg, larvae and adult’s life stages of phytophagous pests.

Width 15.0000 Active Ingredient 479.8 g/ litre (47.9% w/v) plant origin carboxylic acid potassium salts C14 – C20
Length 22.0000 Weight 10.630000
Height 38.0000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Harvest Interval Zero day harvest interval. Volume 0.000000
Formulation Type emulsion in water Technical Comments A fast acting contact bio insecticide / acaricide of vegetable origin.
Crop Tomato, Cucumber Strawberry. (Permanent protection with full enclosure). Predominant Colour WHITE
Application Rate 1 - 1.6 litres per 100 litres water; maximum of 16L product per hectare with a maximum concentrate of 1.6L per 100L water. PCS Number 05027
Application Method Spray MAPP Number 17767
Activity / Control A professional contact insecticide labelled for control of whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporarium, Bemisia tabaci, Aleurothrixus floccosus), aphid (Myzus persicae, Macrosiphum euphorbiae, Aphis gossypii) and two-spotted mite (Tetranychus urticae) populations. Manufacturer ALPHA01

There are a limited number of situations in which a pesticide (and this may be an insecticide, fungicide, plant growth regulator or herbicide) may be used outside the terms of its approved label. These are detailed in EAMU (extension of authorisation for minor use), formerly known as SOLA (specific off-label approval) documents or allowed extensions of use as detailed in the Long Term Arrangements for Extension of Use. 

The Long Term Arrangements for Extension of Use and copies of individual EAMU documents are available from the Chemicals Regulation Directorate website.

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