Adalline B (Adalia bipunctata) Vial of 25 Adults

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A species of ladybird native to the UK. The adult beetle and larvae are both predatory.
Aphids are the preferred food for ladybirds, and both adults and larvae feed on most types.
Width 0.0000 Activity / Control Most types of aphid.
Application Method Apply as a curative. Application Rate 2-10 larvae per m2
Height 0.0000 Length 0.0000
Manufacturer BIOLINE Technical Comments Most crops can be infested with aphids. Damage is caused in three ways: sucking plant sap when feeding, excretion of honeydew leading to sooty mould and some species can transmit plant viruses leading to distortion and disfigured plant growth.
Volume 0.000000 VolumeUnit (lt or m3) CubicMeters
Weight 0.015000