ULV Techniques and Their Importance in Horticulture

ULV Techniques and Their Importance in Horticulture 
It is well documented how ULV techniques can in many circumstances target pest and disease more effectively than conventional methods. The vast number of droplets generated from a formulation used in a ULV machine ensures that the potential is created for optimal coverage. However, the targeting of the area to be treated is only as good as the quality of the equipment that is used for the application. We need a generator that can produce droplets evenly and at the correct size for the job in hand. The size of the droplet will depend on whether we are trying to achieve a quick knockdown affect or whether we are applying a product for residual control. 

The Nightstar
Is one of the best ULV generators in the world and is ideal for generating “tight” droplet size spectrums that are effective. Moreover, the Nightstar Typhoon nozzle does not cause blockage problems (which bedevil other equipment in the UK) due to the nozzles unique design which allows “difficult formulations” to flow smoothly through the unit and give even distribution. (The flow rate of the Nightstar is adjusted through orifice selection on the tank cap). 

ULV Techniques and Bio pesticides
Bio pesticides are becoming increasingly important in the horticultural market and ULV techniques are an effective method of getting the best performance out of these products as the following graph demonstrates:

It is clearly shown that the coverage and bio activity using ULV techniques can lead to an increase in efficiency of these products and a number of growers are beginning to see the benefits as featured below:

Madestein's – Nightstar is the key to successful control
Willem has experienced the benefits of the equipment when it comes to bio pesticide use and Serenade ASO and Dipel DF are two of the bio pesticides he uses to control pest/disease issues. He considers the Nightstar to be his main method of controlling pest and disease within the blocks. “The equipment is ideal as it requires little labour, is easy to operate and we experience no damage to plants on the glasshouse floor which may result with manual applications, as a result we can maximise the floor space for the crop.” 

Each Nightstar can treat an area of 6000m2 and the equipment can be set up for timed applications and is used both on the salad and ornamental blocks at the nursery, 

The Nightstar will dispense Dipel DF effectively but if you have alternative equipment you may find blockage issues with wettable powders. 

Kyoto Bonsai Ltd
Based near Knutsford in Cheshire Kyoto Bonsai has been established for over 21 years and are growers and importers of traditional bonsai, 95% being imported from China and Japan. Kyoto supplies a niche wholesale market to garden centres and specialist bonsai nurseries. 

Managing Director, Chris Taylor invested in a Dynafog Tornado in June 2010 after some careful consideration. Originally used a knapsack sprayer and when that became impractical moved onto a trolley mounted small nursery machine. They were looking for a more efficient method of application. When the convenience of being able to use nicotine as a smoke was lost it was a good time to invest. “The Tornado provided an affordable method of replacement”. Chris’s comments: “We have had to learn to use the Tornado effectively - there was a certain amount of trial and error but once the basic calculations and calibration was done it was simple. It has made setting up and application of crop protection products far easier. We can safely apply in the evening when nobody else is around. The Tornado certainly does what it says on the tin and I would happily recommend this machine to anybody. We would welcome an agitator to help keep wettable powders in suspension”. (This is currently being looked at)

April 2011
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Posted on 01/04/2011