Switch - A New Fungicide

Switch™ - A new fungicide
Switch, a brand new Botrytis control product for use on strawberries, fresh peas (vining, mange tout, sugar snap) and beans (green, runner, broad), which also has a number of SOLA's on protected edible crops, is now available. Switch can also be used, at growers' own risk, on outdoor and protected ornamentals under the long-term arrangements for extension of use. 

Trials have shown the unique fungicide combination of cyprodinil and Fludioxonil in Switch provides effective disease protection on the leaf surface, along with systemic movement within the plant to target disease. 

Wet, warm conditions conducive to Botrytis can cause a rapid build up of disease at any time of the season, with crops particularly susceptible during showery weather or following irrigation. Disease infection can seriously reduce plant and fruit quality and subsequent shelf life. 

The introduction of Switch into the UK gives growers an extremely effective Botryticide, which also controls Black Spot (Colletotrichum acutatum), Sclerotinia, Alternaria and has some activity on Powdery Mildew and some other fungal diseases. 

Available from Fargro and its distributors throughout the UK.

Switch is a water dispersible granule formulation containing 37.5% w/w cyprodinil and 25% w/w fludioxonil. | Switch is a trade mark of a Syngenta group company

March 2007

Posted on 01/03/2007