Subdue - Grower Experience

Subdue™ - Grower Experiences

Robin Tacchi Plants, Diss, Norfolk.
Nursery Manager Ivan Clifton is responsible for nursery operations and plant health is a key factor in providing exceptional quality supply of nursery stock for all of their landscaping customers. At the 5ha Illington site the control of major diseases is paramount and none more so than Phytophthora. Ivan has used various chemicals before to control this serious problem in Helleborus but has had varying success. 

After he saw information on Subdue he trialled a small area, with a preventative drench. This initial trial proved a success as plant losses were noticeably reduced. As a result of this Subdue is now regarded as a key product applied as a preventative drench to control Phytophthora to the key plant subjects. Ivan comments that "Subdue is an ideal product used on its own and as part of a strategy with other products. My crop looks visually healthy as a result of using Subdue".

Aberdale Nursery, Spalding, Lincs.
Aberdale Nursery owner Steve Flett is a specialist pot carnation grower and knows that Pythium is a major threat to his business. His plugs are drenched with Subdue just before potting after which a second drench is applied before spacing the crop on the benches or ground. 

"Drenching with Subdue for PREVENTATIVE control is the key to growing success". "I can rely on no other Pythium/Phytophthora product in the marketplace to perform to the high level of control exhibited by Subdue"

V P Nursery, Spalding, Lincs.
Ian and Lynn Pryke are the owners of VP Nursery growing a wide range of pot and bedding plants on an 8 acre nursery with 3 acres under protection. It was decided to use Subdue as a preventative against Pythium and Phytophthora, which makes an appearance most years. 

Ian said "We were looking for a treatment that performed effectively to give us a failsafe over our crop species. Subdue delivered, and will now be used as a standard treatment for protection against these root diseases". 

Lynn said "The highly systemic properties of Subdue give us options that no other product available on the market can offer".

Subdue™ is a soluble liquid containing 465.2g/l (44.7%w/w) metalaxyl-M.| Subdue is a trade mark of a Syngenta group company

June 2007

Posted on 01/06/2007