Serenade ASO

Serenade® ASO - The new biological fungicide

Serenade ASO, the first PSD approved biofungicide for Botrytis makes its soft fruit market entrance. 

Serenade ASO, based on a specific strain (QST 713) Bacillus subtilis,from AgraQuest has been given approval for use on protected strawberries. 

Serenade ASO can be applied up to 20 times per crop and has no harvest interval or chemical residue, making it ideal for use right up to harvest. Serenade ASO has unique multiple modes of action:
  • Out-competes the pathogen.
  • The production of lipopeptides directly attack fungal spores and mycelium.
  • The stimulation of the plant's own defence mechanisms.

Serenade ASO is an ideal resistance management tool. 

Serenade ASO is compatible with all commonly used biological control agents and conventional chemicals. 

Serenade ASO is unique in providing effective activity against Botrytis whilst being entirely chemical residue free and MRL exempt. 

Serenade ASO is a valuable addition to, and can be used alongside, conventional chemical pesticides in an integrated approach to Botrytis control. 

Botrytis is a major disease of strawberries and Serenade ASO will provide an effective solution to the market demand for residue free produce. 

Serenade ASO is a suspension concentrate containing 13.96 g/l Bacillus subtilis strain QST 713 (a minimum of 1.042 x 1012 cfu/l). | Serenade is a trade mark of Agraquest

December 2008

Posted on 01/12/2008