Imidasect 5GR Accouncement

Imidasect™ 5GR - Announcement
Following EC restrictions on neonicotinoid insecticides Fargro are pleased to announce that Imidasect 5GR continues with some changes to the product label effective on new sales from 1st October 2013: 

Two new specific restrictions:
  • Imidasect 5GR may only be used in greenhouses*.
  • Plants grown in media treated with this product may not be put outside until after they have finished flowering.

The product manual insert has been revised. 

*The EU definition under 1107/2009 of greenhouse means a walk-in, static, closed place of crop production with a usually translucent outer shell, which allows controlled exchange of material and energy with the surroundings and prevents release of plant protection products into the environment. 

September 2013
A granular insecticide containing 50g/kg imidacloprid. | Imidasect® is a registered trademark of Sharda Europe B.V.B.A.

Posted on 01/09/2013