Dazide Enhance New Product

Dazide Enhance - New product
A new easy to use dust free water soluble granule formulation is now available for growers using daminozide as a growth regulator. 

The new product is extremely effective in controlling plant growth and performs equally as well as the original Dazide product. 

Marketed exclusively by Fargro Dazide ENHANCE is available through selected distributors throughout the UK. 

Dazide ENHANCE the new water soluble granule:
  • Is a minimal dust product, reducing the risk of operator and environmental contamination (improved COSHH profile over other daminozide products).
  • Easy to dispense and measure.
  • Works as effectively as older powder formulations.

Dazide ENHANCE increases plant durability by:
  • Producing thicker, stronger stems
  • Stimulating greater root development (improved nutrient and water uptake, reduced transport stress)

Benefits: Dazide ENHANCE helps growers manage plant growth and development to ensure that plants are compact, strong, better able to cope with transportation and able to meet increasingly stringent customer specifications.

Dazide® ENHANCE contains 85% w/w daminozide. | Dazide is a registered trade mark of Fine Holdings Ltd.

April 2004

Posted on 01/04/2002