Contans WG - A new biological product for the control of Sclerotinia in edible and non edible crops. 
Fargro have been appointed as a main distributor for Contans WG Contans® WG - Eradicates sclerotinia rot before it appears and breaks the life cycle of the disease. 

  Sclerotinia rot caused by the fungi Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and S. minor are some of the most destructive diseases of plants. They affect over 200 ornamentals, field crops, vegetables and herbs. 

Contans® WG contains a naturally occurring soil fungus and controls sclerotinia diseases by attacking the disease-causing fungus in the soil before it can infect a susceptible plant. 

Contans® WG contains spores of the soil fungus Coniothyrium minitans. Once applied and incorporated into the soil, Coniothyrium minitans attacks and destroys the black sclerotial bodies (sclerotia), which are the resting and survival structures of sclerotinia. This action breaks the "cycle of disease" by reducing or eliminating the disease from treated soil. 

Resting sclerotia of sclerotinia can survive in the soil for several years and if present in the top 5 centimetres of the soil will germinate and produce apothecia fruiting bodies which produce and eject spores to infect susceptible plants. The spores, that can be wind borne, will infect leaves, fruits, and stems. Additionally roots can succumb to mycelium spread from the germination of sclerotia in the soil.

Contans ® is a water dispersible granule formulation containing 1 x 1012 active spores/kg Coniothyrium minitans, strain CON/M91-08, which is mixed with water and applied by spraying onto the soil using conventional spraying equipment. | Contans is a registered trade mark of Prophyta Biologisher Pflanzenschutz Gmbh.

February 2006

Posted on 01/02/2006