Compost Tea comes of age

Compost Tea - Compost Tea comes of age
New installations are being set up throughout the UK as growers look to the Compost Tea system as a way of producing better quality plants more able to withstand disease/stress pressure and to thrive with the benefits the Tea has to offer. 

New 1000 litre brewing units are bound for the fruit sector and 2008 will start to see the use of Tea extended to field crops and even grassland. The benefits of Tea are gradually being brought to light by both long term users and newcomers alike. 

Soil structure is very important to growers producing crops in the soil and the microflora proliferation which is possible from inoculations of Compost Tea applications will lead to better soil structure. 

Our featured nursery this issue is Evesham Vale Propagators who have been using the system for a few years and are wholly convinced of the benefits of regularly applying Compost Tea. 

Evesham Vale Propagators Ltd is 12 acres in size of which about 3 acres are under protection. Francis Mixuro produces container grown conifers in 9cm, 1lt, 3lt & 7½lt for supply to other nurseries and to garden centres. 

Francis believes that they need to get to know how to grow with Tea while it is still possible to fall back on chemicals if they make any mistakes. 

All stages of crops receive Tea which gives Francis a reduced pesticide bill, better (more intense) colour and enhanced growth, root health and improved vigour is pronounced. 

Francis feels that using Tea is a different way of growing, but a better way. 

Evesham Vale Propagators Ltd have been using Tea for the past 3 years, but Francis researched it for many years before. He sees a bright future for products such as Compost Tea.

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February 2008

Posted on 01/02/2008