Compost Tea - change of ingredients

COMPOST TEA - Change of ingredients, change in recommendations
New research from Van Iersel now shows that it is best to brew Compost Tea from 48 to 72 hours for even greater numbers of micro-organisms. 

Brewing for longer significantly increases the number of beneficial fungi. This research has shown that beneficial fungi numbers increase dramatically after 48 hours of brewing. The optimal temperature for brewing should now be 20oC to 25oC. Tea can now be drawn off as required from the brewer, or can be left to brew longer if conditions for application are not ideal. 

The STS compost tea packages now include fish powder and molasses. 

Users should note that brewers must be kept spotlessly clean. Residue in the brewer and in the bubbler can have a negative affect on tea quality, causing part of the brew to be anaerobic. 

Available from Fargro and its distributors throughout the UK.

Soil tech is a trademark of Van Iersel.

May 2007

Posted on 01/05/2007