Isonet T - New Product

Isonet T - New Product
Isonet T is a new mating disruption system for use in IPM to to control the South American tomato moth Tuta absoluta. The product has been approved as a semiochemical under the plant protection regulations. 

The South American tomato moth has been a problem on some tomato nurseries in the United Kingdom for the past few years. The moth is a native of South America and has spread into southern Europe where some crops have been devastated. Control in the UK has relied on pre-season insecticides and establishment of biological controls but has been problematic owing to insecticide resistance issues, the difficulty of balancing pest and predator numbers and the potential of damage to beneficial insects if insecticides are used. The larvae is a leaf-miner so can be difficult to target with chemical pesticides. 

Isonet T is a slow release dispenser to release a synthetic version of the attractant that the female moth releases to attract the male for mating. By continuously releasing a small amount of this pheromone / semiochemical in to the glasshouse the males are unable to locate the female moths and mating is disrupted greatly reducing egg laying. Isonet T is the first approved mating disruption product for glasshouse use. 

The approval allows use on greenhouse tomato, pepper and aubergine crops.

Posted on 01/07/2017