Signify Lighting

Horticultural LED technologies can provide growers with all key ingredients to realise their recipes for growth

With more than 80 years of horticultural lighting experience, Philips Signify are the largest provider of science-based lighting recipes that help to boost yield and plant performance. Here at Fargro we are official partners of Signify innovative greenhouse lighting application systems.

Predictable growth, higher quality and higher yield

LED lighting gives you better control over your climate and crop, so you can achieve high quality and yield at the right time, be it year-round or at peak moments. The right light and growth recipe will help you fine-tune size, smell, taste, nutritional value compactness, etc. to grow exactly the quality that your customer demands. And with the addition of LED lighting from Signify, you will be able to achieve higher yield than with any other lighting solution being it natural daylight, fluorescent lighting or HPS lighting. 

“Three cultivation cycles each year, instead of two. That makes a big difference in revenue. We are now able to deliver quality strawberries to consumers year-round.” 
Marcel Dings, Director at Brookberries - read the full case study here.

"When used with the right light recipe, the GreenPower LED flowering lamps offer markedly improved stem elongation, a higher level of early production and a low number of malformed fruits.” 
Alain Lutz, strawberry grower - read the full case study here

A changing world is our opportunity...

• Conscious consumers
• Growing population
• Climate change
• Sustainability
• Urbanisation
• Plants as medicine
• Scarce resources

... And LED lighting could be the answer.

• Predictable quality
• Locally produced
• Sustainable
• Year round growing
• Taste, nutrition, safety, well-being

Download the Signify Horticultural Lighting brochure

Posted on 06/10/2020