Sequoia: a new fast-acting insecticide

Sequoia is particularly effective against pest populations resistant to other insecticides as the active ingredient in Sequoia is sulfoxaflor, a new chemical class for insecticides. Sequoia is approved for use on crops grown under permanent protection situations which provide full enclosure. Crops include aubergines, tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, melons, pumpkin, peppers and ornamental plant production.

With a unique mode of action and effective at low dose rates, Sequoia acts on insects’ nervous systems. Sequoia has a rapid knockdown, delivering excellent control within hours of application. In addition, Sequoia is both systemic and translaminar, moving to new growth via the plant’s xylem and through leaf tissue after application. 

Dr Joshua Burnstone, Technical DirectorFargro commented: "I am pleased Fargro is able to offer UK growers yet another innovative product to alleviate key pest problems. Sequoia can offer excellent control within hours and is effective against pest populations that have become resistant to other insecticides. I am confident Sequoia will be a valuable partner in an integrated pest management programme alongside the other key elements of monitoring, good hygiene, biological and physical controls." 

Sequoia has a good environmental profile, with the active ingredient, sulfoxaflor, degrading rapidly in the soil with low toxicity to non-target organisms. In addition, Sequoia has been shown to have minimal impact on beneficial insects. 

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Sequoia Insecticide 250ml

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