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Box T Pro Press

Box T Pro Press® is a mating disruption system for managing box tree caterpillar. It is an approved and registered professional plant protection product for use by staff qualified to use professional plant protection products.

Box T Pro Press contains a pheromone applied directly to the box plant. By saturating the area with female pheromones the males are unable to find the females so mating and egg laying are thereby inhibited. This disrupts mating and decreases the number of defoliating caterpillars. 

Box tree caterpillar larvae only consume boxwood tree leaves, and can devour entire swaths of the tree, leading to plant mortality. Numerous generations will hatch and flourish across the season, it is therefore crucial to control the pest from the outset.

Long lasting protection

The microencapsulated formulation provides high performance diffusion, composed of vegetable oil, natural wax and pheromone ensures a controlled release for 3 months and offers an innovative approach to the protection of ornamental box.

Easy to use and store

Box T Pro Press is supplied in pouches and applied only using the special Phero-pump applicator. The pheromone is applied in dollops (roughly the size of a small coin) to the trunk or the nook of the branches.

Box T Pro Press can be stored for 2 years between 15°C and 25°C when unopened.

• Apply to dry plants, ensure no irrigation or rainfall expected within 24 hours.

• To apply, press the trigger of the hand dispenser. A short pressure on the trigger will deliver a standard dose.

• A few hours after applying, the water contained in the product will evaporate, leaving a thin, scarcely-visible layer of wax.
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Box T Pro Press Pouch 250g

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