Fargro have been appointed distributor for the Rhizopon

Fargro have been appointed distributor for the Rhizopon® range of plant rooting hormones

Rhizopon supply a range of specialist approved root promoting hormones for use by commercial growers in ornamental plant production. The Rhizopon range has been developed as a result of worldwide experience in plant propagation over a number of years. The Rhizopon range includes a wide range of rooting powders of various strengths and tablets to produce solutions for dipping and spraying. Rhizopon are actively supporting these products through the European pesticide review programme. 

The UK Rhizopon range currently includes the following products based on 4-indol-3-ylbutyric acid:
  • Chryzopon Rose 0.1% (powder)
  • Chryzotop Green 0.25% (powder)
  • Chryzosan White 0.6% (powder)
  • Chryzoplus Grey 0.8% (powder)
  • Rhizopon AA Tablets (50mg)

The Rhizopon rooting guide is a resource for guidance on plant propagation and includes advice on time of year and treatments as well as best advice of rooting hormone for the selected plant species and type.

Chryzopon, Chryzotop, Chryzotek, Chryzosan and Rhizopon are registered trademarks of Rhizopon 2394 CE Hazerswoulde-Rijndijk, Holland.

January 2011

Posted on 01/01/2011