Fargro Expands Its Reach

Fargro Ltd, a leading wholesaler and supplier of commercial horticultural products including fertilisers, growing media, pots, baskets and trays today announced that it has acquired the southern Ornamental Horticulture division of Agrovista UK Limited, who provide specialist agronomy and crop protection products to British agriculture.

Acquiring this part of Agrovista’s business gives Fargro access to a wider group of customers, and a bigger foothold in the South East, particularly in Kent. The purchase of this division will allow it to strengthen its position as leader in this market.

Area Sales Managers Malcolm Tickner and Debbie Atkinson will be joining Fargro from Agrovista to maintain continuity for its customers.
 “We are delighted to have brought the acquisition of the southern Ornamental Horticulture division of Agrovista to completion and are looking forward to building a relationship with Agrovista’s customers. Fargro has a reputation for providing market leading products and expert advice on Ornamental Horticulture. We are excited about bringing this expertise to a new audience.”, stated Richard Hopkins, Managing Director of Fargro Ltd.

“We are very happy that Fargro has decided to acquire this division of our business,” said Chris Clayton, Managing Director of Agrovista UK Limited, “We can think of no one better to support our customers in this area and provide them with the specialist expertise they need. We have taken the strategic decision to focus our horticultural business in the south on the glasshouse, protected salads and amenity market. Fargro’s purchase of the ornamental horticulture division means that we are now perfectly positioned to do just that.”

Posted on 13/06/2018