Bonzi Annoucement

Bonzi – announcement
Bonzi has been successfully reviewed by the CRD and its approval extended with a new MAPP number 17095. Bonzi is approved for foliar application to protected ornamentals including a range of bedding plants, Azalea, Begonia elatior, Kalanchoe, Phlox, Poinsettia, Rose and Stocks. There are some significant label changes and the product manual has been updated to reflect the changes. The label changes include:
  • Restriction to use to under permanent protection (see ‘Important Information’ on the label).
  • Removal of drench treatments and thus removal of recommendations for lily and tulip.
  • Changes in number and rate of application and intervals between treatments.
  • Requirement for workers to wear protective gloves when handling treated crops or contaminated surfaces (see safety precautions).

The previous approval for Bonzi, MAPP number 13623 enters a phase revocation with a final use by date of 31/12/2016.

October 2014

Posted on 01/10/2014