Shore Fly

Often confused with sciarid flies these feed and are associated with algae. Although not directly feeding on crop plants they spread plant disease and both the fly and their frass can be a contaminant in food or ornamental crops. Most of the controls for sciarid fly are not effective.

Type: Insect parasitic nematodes. 

How it works: Application releases nematodes which seek out insect larvae. 

Species controlled: Shore fly (Ephydridae). The same nematode can also be used for caterpillar control. 

When to use: As soon as pest seen, reapply weekly. 

Rates of use: 50 million per 100 m2

Type: Adults and larvae of a Staphylinid beetle. 

How it works: 2 - 3 mm rove beetle feeds on the larvae and adults of a range of growing media pests. 

Species controlled: Sciarid and shore flies. 

When to use: The effective temperature range is 12°C - 35°C 

Rates of use: Use 5 to 10 insects per 1 m2


Atheta coriaria lava (Photo: Syngenta Bioline) Atheta coriaria adult (Photo: Syngenta Bioline)