Beeline bb (Bombus terrestris)

Type: Bumblebee, used for pollination of protected crops. Available either as a pollination service or individual hives. 

How they work: Hive matched to the crop area and type of crop. Used to improve pollination on a range of crops including tomato, pepper, aubergine, strawberry, raspberry, berried ornamentals, seed production. 

When to use: Introduce when pollination is required. Freeze dried pollen may be used if there should be insufficient flowers or pollen for the bees. A door lock system may be closed at night when the bees have returned to the hive to keep them in - this may allow for some crop protection measures to take place with the bees out of the crop. 

Rates of use: The rate of introduction is matched to flower numbers. The type of hive is matched to the type of flower - availability of nectar etc. 

The pollination service and or hives are subject to licence conditions and are for use only in commercial glasshouses or polytunnels. 
 Beeline Hive