Leatherjackets, the larvae of the crane fly (daddy-long-legs) attack the roots of a number of plants and damage lawns. Outdoors eggs are laid in late summer to early autumn. Larvae then feed on plant roots and may damage the plant stem bases pupating early the following summer. 
On turf, birds looking for prey will cause further damage.

Nemasys J (Steinernema feltiae)
Type: Microscopic nematodes. 

How it works: The nematodes swim through moist soil and attack the leatherjacket larvae. 

When to use: The soil must be between 10 and 30°C at the time of application. Apply when leatherjackets are close to the soil surface usually August to October. 

Rates of use: 
  • 250 million pack will treat 500 m2
  • Moist ground is required. 
  • A 250 million pack should be applied in 50 lt of water at 100 ml per 1 m2
  • Irrigating immediately after application. 

Hypoline M
Exhibitline SF
Staphyline AC